Thoughts from a young theologian

Mass from the mountaintop

Sorry for the silence… I’ve really been scrounging around for time to blog (and, as you’ve seen, have been having a tough time getting it). This year really is just that much busier than last year… Last week, the reason I wasn’t able to blog was because of a home weekend that we all had… Again, home weekends are those times when, once a month, we all get to go home and be with our families… This particular home weekend coincided with Canadian thanksgiving so, rather than blogging as I should have, I spent most of the weekend with family and friends eating turkey and being merry,,,, Heheheheheh

Again, it has been a pretty busy year so far… We haven’t gotten much “free” weekends where we get to just settle down and study (and blog)… This past weekend, a big group of us spent the weekend with our newly ordained (just this past June) Fr. Bryan in the middle of the forest… It was our annual camping trip! We headed out to the nearby Dewdney Mountain (the same place where the minors went camping a couple of weeks prior) right after our chant class. We packed along with us so much food!!! Most of the rest of Friday night went by like a blur… We ate noodle bowls, home-made stir fry and one piece of steak. We chatted, particularly with Fr. Bryan a bit on how his first few months of priesthood were going. He shared with us something that I have been hearing a lot lately as well… the fact that you’re still the same person before and after ordination. You don’t magically change once the bishop lays his hands on you… Sure, ontologically (in your being) there’s a huge change because you become a sharer in the one priesthood of Christ and can now begin acting in persona Christi to celebrate the sacraments but personally, you’re still the same person with the same strengths and weaknesses… You still have the same struggles you’ve had before… They don’t magically go away… It’s a bit of a testament to the importance of our seminary formation… If we’re to be good, holy priests, we need to start acting on it all now… We need to develop our prayer lives now. We need to organize our days, through our rules of life, now and be as faithful as we can be to those rules…We can’t wait for ordination and expect a sudden change to occur in our habits… Hehehehehe… Anyways, that’s enough of my little tangent there…

The next day, after getting up at 7 am, we began by praying the lauds… It was super cold that morning so we huddled around the campfire as we prayed… That was followed by a breakfast of oatmeal and omelette… After packing up all our stuff, we headed over to the trail… Our camping trips aren’t just for eating but a big part of it is the hike… Last year, our biggest challenge was the snow we ran into on the way up that mountain… This year, the challenge was the mountain itself… From the get go, we had nothing but close to a 45 degree angle incline!!! It was like doing the Grousse Grind without stairs and while some of us were in relatively decent shape, it was almost a bit too much for most of us. We had to abandon our idea of hitting the summit, also because Fr. needed to be at a nearby parish to celebrate anticipated mass at 5 pm that day too… Rather than making it to the summit therefore, we stopped about halfway at a little cabin with a fantastic view. It was there that we had one of the most memorable masses I’ve ever experienced… Pope John Paul II, as a university chaplain, used to bring students out on canoeing trips and celebrate mass on top of overturned canoes… We had the luxury of finding a little table from within the cabin, piling up some of our nicer hoodies on it (as a tablecloth), and positioning it so that we were all facing the view… Then, Fr. Brian celebrated mass for all of us. It was exhilarating… Heheheehehe We didn’t quite make it up to the summit of our mountain but, because of the mass, heaven instead came down to our little group and we ascended even higher than tiny little Dewdney Mountain… Hehehehehe… At least that’s the way I looked at it…Today, 3 days later, I’m still feeling the effects of that hike (more in my legs though than anything else)


After the mass, we ended our day before our quick descent, with a lunch of pita bread, cheese, beef jerky, nutella, Oreos and honey… You can imagine what kind of delicacies we all concocted with that kind of combination of food… Heheheehehe…


I’ll unfortunately have to end this quick little blog post here… I’ve got a sociology, metaphysics and Latin exam all this one week and I’ve still got a ton of stuff to study… So once again, I’ll try really hard to get the next post out sooner but I can’t make any promises… I hope and pray for all the best for you though… God bless!!!


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