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Eggs from Heaven!!!

Guys will be guys… Hehehehehe So what do boys like doing (aside from the holy, spiritual things we typically do throughout the week)? Well, we like burning stuff and we like building stuff… This week, living in a community of 25 guys (1 less than last year), we exemplified that marvelously… Hehehehehe Boys also like to party and so at the end of last weekend, we got together after Vespers and had a small BBQ outside of our common room… Typically, the social committee (of which I’m part of) spent close to half their allotted budget for the year on this one party already but it was a blast… Carrying on the lovely tradition of last year, we roasted some infamous cheese smokies, but also had some burgers and potato salad from Brother Benedict… While eating, to avoid a little of that awkward silence that usually comes when a whole group people who live together for the whole year and see each other every single day party, we watched some cheesy but fun British sitcoms of a young priest being welcomed and trained by an older parish priest in some church in England.


After dinner and our office of readings together (I told you, we like doing holy, spiritual things too…) we met up in the middle of the forest for guy stereotype number 1… We built a huge bonfire next to the burning pit of the monastery… It’s not just us who like burning stuff… some of the monks do too (they’re guys after all)… We roasted more cheese smokies and made smores (complete with chocolates on the inside), all the while piling more and more wood to keep the fire going… It was a fantastic opportunity for us to get to know each other, especially the 5 or so new guys who joined us this year, as well as our new rector, Fr. Matthew. He shared with us a little of his vocation story, which was really awesome… Apparently, he visited the monastery for the first time with his girlfriend and on seeing the beauty of the church and its surroundings, remarked that he would like to come back… Who knew eh? Now, he’s been a monk here for, I think, close to 20 years… Hehehehehe He talked to a small group of us a little bit about vocational discernment too… The rest of the guys played around with the guitar that someone brought along and joked around till it was time to head back… So, stereotype number 1, fire, check!


Stereotype number 2: partying… Did I mention that we enjoy these? And again, minors and monks are guys too… On Thursday, to celebrate the Feast of Sts. Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, the three archangels, we had no classes and shared a common meal in the majors dining room. Again, a common meal is one wherein the entire community of monks, majors and minors eat together in the same room… It’s an event that happens only once or twice each year… The Majors choir (I think we’ll be calling ourselves Quasimodo again, which in Latin means “as if” or “in a similar way” because we’re “as if monks (they’re the best singers of the community… no one beats them)” had to perform one piece before the meal… The meal itself was fantastic! We had chicken (which is a little more common this year because the monks added, I think, more chickens to their farm, alongside the new pigs). We also had some salad and rice… For desert, we ate ice cream and some croissants with chocolates inside them… Did I mention that guys like to eat food too? Hhehehehehe Being one of the head waiters for the year, one of my responsibilities was to serve the food, and in particular, pay special attention to the head table… That reminds me… we celebrated more than just the Feast of the three archangels today… We also celebrated the day when Fr. Abbot took office as abbot and the 25th anniversary of profession of three monks, Fr. Peter, Fr. Joseph and Brother Luke… So we don’t JUST party… There’s a reason behind it too… Geez… c”,)

Stereotype number 3… we build stuff… Yesterday, our entertainment committee (the committee of the community that’s built so they can “entertain” us… duh…) put together our first entertainment night… They built on what we had already done last year… Last year, one of the entertainment nights, we were tasked with the building of a device made of straws and masking tape that would shelter an egg, which we would be dropping from various heights, and stop the egg from breaking… Hence, eggs from heaven… c”,) This year, they added some extra quirks to that event… Rather than just getting 4-5 guys together to just build stuff, they made one of the guys “blind” by blindfolding him… One of the guys was deaf (he had headphones on that were blaring some intensely loud music) and had only one hand to work with… The rest of the guys were mute and had only one hand to work with too… It was pretty intense… While all the eggs managed to survive the ground floor drop, only one of them survived the 2nd floor (and it was the eventual winner)… It cracked though when dropped from the third floor… HEhehehehee So there you go… Hope you have a wonderful week! God bless!!!


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  1. I’ve been lurking around your blog for a while. I have twelve friends (men and women) who are in formation right now, so it’s particularly neat to read about the life of a seminarian, even if I don’t know you outside of your blog. Men do love fire and building stuff, and I’m glad to hear even religious men don’t lose that part of themselves!

    October 11, 2011 at 8:57 pm

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