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Ordinations Galore!!!

Less of the structure of the seminary unfortunately has also translated into less blogs.Sorry about that you guys… hehehehehehe Like a lot of the other seminarians, I had big plans to begin this summer with that have slowly started to fall through… Part of the fun of all of this though is not so much in the victories (or the defeats) but rather in the battles themselves… that’s a little tidbit, perhaps also applicable to Game 5 between the Bruins and Canucks later on today… c”,)

So what have I been up to since my last update? Well, in spite of the lack of order in my life, there has been a lot of ordinations… hheehehehehehe… A couple of weeks ago, a whole bunch of us got together and braved the mighty Coquihalla highway to get out to Kamloops for one of our friends, Paul’s ordination to the diaconate. Getting to Kamloops was an adventure already in itself… The Coquihalla was backed up for a number of hours because of a very bad accident involving a couple of semis and cars just on the outskirts of Merritt, BC. We had left (in individual carpools) relatively early because there was to be a dinner hosted by the diocese of Kamloops in honor of Paul and a choir practice (before dinner) in preparation for the Mass. Because of the accident, we knew that it was incredibly unlikely we were going to make it for the choir practice… The adventure began when Mark and I discovered through the GPS, a smaller highway just below the main Coquihalla route that we would need to get to through a small logging road. We were not driving an off road vehicle (not even by a longshot) so just the fact that we made it through to the end of that highway was a mini miracle in itself…


We were absolutely thrilled when we saw this…


The ordination itself went really really well. We did manage to get in a short choir practice (as soon as everyone else arrived) after dinner inside a small broom closet where we could practice out of the way of the craziness of the preparations going on everywhere around us. The cathedral of the Kamloops diocese is a really pretty one, as you can see, and by the end of the day, we were very happy for the new deacon.


A week later (so this would be last week), we were even happier when this time, Pablo, another seminarian classmate, was ordained to the diaconate, this time for the Archdiocese of Vancouver. For his ordination, we ended up serving the mass. My job (one of my favorite jobs because it’s very difficult to mess up on) was the boat. The boat is the little container of the incense that the thurifer needs whenever the incense is to be used. I love this job because I am only really needed essentially at the beginning of mass and around the time of the Gospel. It’s a very straightforward assignment and really allows me to take part in the mass without having to worry about anything else around me. I loved seeing Pablo getting ordained by Archbishop Miller. It must have been an amazing moment for him!!! During the reception in the hall of the cathedral, we all gave Pablo a very special gift. All seminarians have their very own peculiarities and his involves fish… Last year, Deacon Bryan (soon to be Fr. Bryan) and a few other guys managed to sneak into his locked room by climbing through the window (I believe it was 3 stories high) and “borrowed” his most prized fish, leaving behind a nice little Betta in its place. Pablo was a little upset about that (from what I heard, almost to the point of tears c”,) ). Well as a present for his ordination, a parish decided to give him 19 Bettas which were presented to him by all his fellow seminarians… Hehehehehe that was quite a sight to see!!! Because Pablo also really likes the movie “Despicable Me” (partly because he thinks he can relate to Gru, the main protagonist,) I also bought him a copy of the book “Sleepy Kittens” complete with three finger puppet kittens to play with, just like in the movie… hehehehehe He really liked that gift too…

The third ordination is probably one of the biggest ones. It will be tomorrow in the Vancouver Cathedral and, as I’ve alluded to a little bit, involves Deacon Bryan getting ordained to the priesthood. For this, a lot of the seminarians came back to Vancouver, whether they live way up north in Prince George or way down south in Olympia, Washington. Most of us met yesterday evening for a holy hour in Deacon Bryan’s home parish followed by a small dinner hosted by his family at their home. It was a really awesome reunion for most of us, some of whom haven’t been back since the last day of the seminary. In addition to eating, we played a few games (just for fun); one of which involved trying to balance a piece of marshmallow on a straw without the use of hands by sucking on that marshmallow through another straw… It sounds complicated but it actually was a lot of fun… Heheheehehehe So please pray for Deacon Bryan!! It’s a huge and special day for him tomorrow and for anyone who’s around, it will be in the Cathedral at 10 am… That’s all for now guys… I’ll try and fight to get more blogs in more frequently!!!


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  1. Michael

    Fun blog Ceaser. Nice to catch up with you here. I’ll see you tommorrow for the ordination. Check out what we have been doing at CCBR here –

    June 10, 2011 at 5:58 pm

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