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It’s incredibly surreal to be back here. The place has not changed that much however countless people have come and gone, giving what once was my second home a very different feel to it.

What does a seminarian do over the summer? Well most of us are off working. The theologians have all gotten stationed at one parish where they’ll be learning lots of the pastoral skills they’ll need later on, and which they can’t really learn with our seminary being situated in the midst of a Benedictine abbey. Most of the arts students are off working. Some guys have got landscaping jobs, one of whom I know is working in Gardens of Gethsemane, the local Catholic cemetery. I, as
I implied above, am happily going back to the university. It’s always been a very special place to me and it’s a thrill to be back having a more full education with some philosophy to back up my science. I’ll be helping teach the Biology 100 (our equivalent of Grade 12 Biology) up here. I was up at the university yesterday for the first teaching assistant’s meeting and to coordinate which tutorials and labs I would be taking through the semester. I’m really excited to be heading back there.

Work is a major part of the seminarian’s summer and takes up a big chunk of our time but we don’t JUST work. Even during the summer, we remain seminarians, which means we’ve got other responsibilities. We have to prioritize keeping up our prayer life first and foremost, before anything else. This is probably the biggest challenge for most of us, just because we’re all away from the environment and community conducive to prayer. A few of us will be traveling as well. A number of us will be going to World Youth Day this summer, mostly with a local parish. One of us is even going to spend a few months over in Calcutta, working with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. This is the blog he maintains, if you’re interested:

In addition, we also try and get involved with some of the events in and around the Archdiocese. This week alone has been completely busy with Youth Day being celebrated this past weekend. Part of Youth Day was a major soccer game between the youth and the “Men in Black” team of priests and seminarians. We were really lucky to have, for the duration of the game, a break from all the rainy weather for the day. Hehehehehehe We ended up winning 1 – 0. There were also a lot of talks going on throughout the day which was capped off with mass with the Archbishop and Eucharistic Adoration, both of which, we served.

Yesterday, in addition to it being my first day back in school was also the Focus on Life fundraiser gala that was held in the Hyatt hotel , Vancouver. I was invited to go there by Fr. Tran from All Saints parish. I was super nervous and very hesitant to go because of how fancy I thought the event would be. I’m never really that comfortable around fancy events. Hehehehehehehhe That’s because of a number of reasons. I don’t really like dressing up (though I’m getting more and more used to it, being a seminarian). I’m not terrible good at figuring out which of the 4 forks and 3 knives I should use for my salad and I’m also very wary about needing to be in my best behavior. This particular dinner was really really good though. The other people at my table were all super nice, the speaker (the producer of Bella) was excellent and the food was really good. We even watched the new short movie he has filmed to be released soon. Plus, right at the moment the Canucks finally won and beat Nashville, everyone in the hall started cheering and waving around their dinner napkins like playoff towels over their heads. The atmosphere of the whole event was fantastic, not to mention the cause, which I’m pretty passionate about too: the use of positive media to promote the cause of life.




The last quick update I’ll mention now is that today, I went with another seminarian to visit a Catholic elementary school and kindergarten class in Vancouver. We both realized then why Jesus loves children. The kids were sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! Anymore cuteness from them and I think I would have popped. Heheheheheheheh They asked us all kinds of questions and even sang a song for us, complete with actions!!! We shared with them a little bit about why we entered the seminary and what our life is like in there. We even showed them the first part of our yearbook video, which is a great way of showing the humanity of a seminarian. Lots of them, like a lot of other people, I think, have the misconception of seminarians doings nothing all day but praying and studying. Part of why I’m trying to keep this blog is to show just how human the whole process is!!

So overall, that’s a general picture of these past few days. I’ll try and be a bit more diligent with my posts so that I won’t be talking about fifty different things at once!! Have a great day and God bless!!!


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  1. Its a privilege that you post your experience and it make us to see what have you see.

    God Bless!

    link to ricky rodriguez

    July 5, 2013 at 1:01 am

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