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The Death of Caesar

Quick update for today:

This day in history, as happily pointed out by my drama teacher, was the death of Julius Caesar over 2000 years ago. Well drama class was in the morning so I had to spend the rest of the day kind of watching my back to make sure no one was plotting anything nasty!!! Sigh… That’s life I guess in a Catholic seminary.

Also today was Game 1 of the Monroe Cup – the finals of the annual seminarian hockey league. It was a really tough and tearful fight but unfortunately my team ended up in 3rd place, losing to the team that is now in the finals in our 7 game series. We ended up winning only 1 game… Sigh… At least we finished 3rd!! Today, the final two teams began their quest for the cup. I’m pretty stoked to find out which team will go all the way!!

The last thing about today is that we’ve seen the trailer for an awesome documentary that was filmed by Salt and Light Catholic Media here last year. It’s a documentary about the life of the monks who run our seminary and it’s pretty epic!!! It’s entitled “This Side of Eden” and depicts the monks in their daily life. The guys who were here last year apparently even got access to the monastery so I saw clips of places I’ve never even been too though I’ve lived here for close to 6 months!! If you’re interested in this documentary and have access to the Salt and Light channel, it will be coming out on Palm Sunday this year!! We’ll be getting a sneak peek at it this Sunday though so I’ll tell you about it later on… In the meantime, here’s the trailer for you to check out!!

This Side of Eden trailer

That’s it for tonight… I’ve still gotta work on a chapter summary of Etienne Gilson’s “Spirit of Medieval Philosophy”!!! God bless!!!

Featured Image today from iBjorn (Flickr Creative Commons)


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