Thoughts from a young theologian

The Return of “Spring”

This past week, we’ve once again resumed our “spring/summer” sports. At the beginning of the school year, we would all get together twice a week for outdoor sports activities. We played hockey, soccer, and baseball. However, as the weather got colder (and because the monastery is situated on top of a hill overlooking a valley–so we get lots of cold winds blowing past us everyday), we switched to winter sports. We divided our whole group up into around 5 sports, which included a lot of indoor sports. We needed to choose two of hockey, volleyball, badminton/table tennis, basketball, and something else… I forget. Anyway, the whole point of that was so that whoever couldn’t stand the cold (and the rains for that matter) had at least the option of staying indoors for their sports,

This week, we stopped winter sports and once more took up our community spring/summer sports. We all played soccer…

In this kind of weather:

This decision was highly contested by a lot of people… We had a bit of a debate going on during our last student council meeting however, as most of us quickly learned, there’s no real democracy in a committee… Heheheeheh Whatever they say, goes… It’s just like my committee and its choice on movies for our parties… We may offer up the option of which movie to watch but ultimately, the decision rests with our leader who overrules everything else.

So we started our sports this week. People came out in gigantic coats, toques, jackets… The deacon even brought out some sunscreen lotion and shades. It was hilarious!! The cold wore off though after the while, though I’m not sure if it was because we’d been running around a little bit or because every part of us froze that we could no longer feel it. c”,)

Though it rained a little bit at the beginning, it turned out to be a great day of soccer… Hehehehe That’s it for today! I’m working on a philosophical blog post right now, trying to share with you guys what I’ve learned on St. Thomas Aquinas’ proof on the existence of God through contingency. Hopefully, I’ll get that out soon and hopefully, it won’t be too complicated! It’s super cool though!!! There’s something to look forward to… Have a great Sunday! God bless!!


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