Thoughts from a young theologian

Back to School!!!

So I’m back here in the abbey… I got back on Tuesday night and, as is always the case with the monks here who never like wasting time, the next day, we had a full day of classes… Heheehehehe Today though, because we are celebrating the feast of the Epiphany, we don’t have any classes so I’m kind of using this day to catch up to my studies and to rest up a bit. I’m actually sick again! I don’t know if there’s something about this place or if there’s a message that’s being sent to me from above but I haven’t been well here in a few months… It has been so good to get a bit of a day off though to rest up… I slept super early last night and spent most of the morning in bed too… c”,)


Part of the reason why I’m sick is because of how I spent my last few days before coming back to school. I was running around all over the place trying to meet people and go out for coffee! I met with about 2-3 people per day at different locations around the Greater Vancouver area… Also, the day before coming back to the seminary, I decided to go up to Whistler for some snowboarding lessons. Being in here, we don’t have the opportunity to go out to the mountains so I really wanted to get a little bit of boarding in before coming back. I didn’t regret it at all the day of… It was an absolutely gorgeous day at Whistler. The sun was up but it wasn’t too hot–in fact, there was a nice little breeze… The other thing was, this being the day before work for most people, there weren’t that many people up at Whistler. Most people were taking it really easy (probably what I should have done too)… In any case, I’ve included also some pictures from the mountain… Hehehehe I had a really great time and I learned so much new things from my instructor. But what ended up happening afterwards was I exerted myself a bit too much… I was really sore the next day but that was also the day I needed to prepare to move back to Mission so I ended up exerting myself a little bit more, trying to get things all ready and packed. So when I got up the next day and ran into a full day of classes, I wasn’t physically able to really stand up to all that. Please pray for me so I can get better soon… c”,)


The other place that my family and I visited a little bit before vacation ended was the Bright Nights at Stanley Park exhibit. It’s very similar to the lights exhibit I showed you of the grotto in Portland but this one has a lot less of those religious figures and symbolisms that the grotto had… There were more of the Santas and Grinches lighting up the park here… There were also quite a few people out there because it was the last day for the show before it would close down for the year. There’s also a nice, little train that goes around a small part of the park to other lights that are inaccessible to people… We weren’t able to ride it though because the lineup was way too long… I’ve included some pictures from that here too…

Anyways, other than my sickness, there’s not much yet that I can report from here in Mission. We’re all back and trying to re-settle into our super ordered and scheduled lives. We’ve also got a lot of the bishops from Western Canada over here for their annual retreat. I’ve only seen one of them so far, but I’ve heard we’re expecting close to 20 of them to come. That’ll be interesting…
Next week, we’ve also got a little retreat with Fr. Fernando Mignone as our retreat master.. I’ll let you guys know how that goes soon!! Take care and God bless!!


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