Thoughts from a young theologian

Worries and cares

Because this week is the last week of classes and exams start next week, I’m super duper busy so I can only really make a quick update. First of all, we recently had our annual advent program this past Sunday at the seminary. That’s basically our Christmas program for parents and friends of the seminary but it’s also in a lot of ways for us here too. The minors were busy and they showed us the fruit of their labors. Their band performed a few songs from the movie “The Prince of Egypt” and they put on a play as well on the 4th wise man. The majors put on a skit that I think deserves its own post (which I’ll definitely do once things slow down here just a little bit.) For now, I’ll just say that our skit was entitled Green Chri$tma$. We also sang in our choir called Quasimodo (“as if” in Latin) two songs. Puer nobis nascitur and Ave Maria by Arcadelt. On my next post, I’ll put up some pictures.

Like I said though, super busy this week. I’ve got 3 papers due and a number of exams starting next week and I’m waitering again (which takes up a lot of time). But I did get something in the mail from the very nice ladies of the CWL at St. Patricks. They sent a “care package” to all us Vancouver seminarians.

This will definitely help during the upcoming long nights!!! That’s all for today!!! God bless!!!


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