Thoughts from a young theologian

Sacristans, Seminarians & Snow

Just like in most other places in the lower mainland this week, we had a very cold abbey in Mission too. The other day in fact, it snowed up here.

It didn’t help me get better but it was just really fun to see some of my fellow seminarians, particularly the ones who are so used to having snow in the winter, run outside and start frolicking. Hehhehhhehehe Also, because we’re situated in the middle of a valley, we’ve got a ton of wind blowing through us too. So if it’s -1 out, with the wind, it ends up being closer to -6, -7. But that didn’t stop some of the guys from doing what they loved best though.

I couldn’t believe it… That particular day, it was soooo cold out that even by holding my camera out for just a little bit with my bare hands, I felt they would fall off. I needed to get a picture though to prove to you how crazy some of us actually are… Hehehehehe nothing will EVER stop hockey here!!

This week as well, I was the sacristan for the masses. I was in charge of getting everything ready for mass and cleaning everything up afterwards. We have about 4 different chalices that we use for daily mass and I had to rotate its use to make sure we used all four of them during the week. We have soooo much wine here, it’s pretty crazy. We need so much of it for mass though but wow!! The monks must but it all in bulk. I also had to set up the hosts and make sure that we had enough for us plus all the visitors. It seemed to me though that we had more people over for morning mass this week because of the study week most of the diocesan priests had. Now, the monks here actually have two masses each day. They have one early mass at 6:30 am for the whole community and everyone who comes and one earlier one at 6:30 am for the older monk priests o have a harder time celebrating mass in front of everyone. I kinda have to set up for both so it’s definitely a bit of work. I’m lucky to have a nice but grumpy (sometimes hehehehhe) boss in Vince who always leaves some food for me at breakfast for when I finish.

This week, I’m the MC!! More on that next time! We had steak today after the monks again slaughtered the fattened calf to celebrate the solemnity of Christ the King!! Happy feastday and God bless!!!


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