Thoughts from a young theologian

Visitors and friends

Being in the seminary, and being in one run by monks for that matter, is really good because it separates me, in a sense, from the rest of the world, allowing me to grow in my relationship with Christ without getting too distracted by everything out there. That’s why our life here is sooo simple and structured in that we have our time of prayer, time for study, time for sports and time for community activities. You always know exactly what’s coming up next. The problem with that is that at times, I feel a bit disconnected from all the changes going on outside of this little world. After all, the world hasn’t stopped once I entered in here, it keeps on flowing on…

Now, being I’m the seminary doesn’t mean I’m completely disconnected with the world, as I do follow the Canucks very closely. I’m looking forward to mid-November when they release their new iphone app that’ll allow me to watch live games without eating up my data. That’s what happens when their stadium happens to be named after my cell phone provider!!! I am also able to keep up with the goings ons of Pope Benedict through email updates and EWTN, which now allows me to watch live catholic tv as it’s going on. That’s how during the canonization of blessed André, for example, I managed to watch the mass. I only made it through the homily though because I shut it off after it. I got up at 1:30 to watch it and didn’t want to stay up any later… Hehehhehe… The harder thing to keep up with though is what’s going on in the lives of my friends… For that, I can only rely on Facebook which, while really good already, only really tells me the big things happening, like friends who are getting married, etc…

That’s why I really value it whenever I’ve got some friends who visit me up here in the abbey. Late last month, a seminarian friend from the companions of the cross, for example, stopped by the abbey during his visit to Vancouver. He caught me completely by surprise and his visit was one of the really bright lights that helped me during what turned out to be a tough day.

This week, we’ve had a number of visitors to the abbey. Apart from the usual deer that I also saw running around our soccer fields, it happened to also be the live in weekend.

The live in weekend is an event put on by both the majors and minors of the seminary. Here, visitors who are considering to enter the seminary next year are invited to come up, spend the weekend and live the life of a seminarian. They are given a few talks, a tour of the place, some opportunities for sports and lots of time for prayer. There were a dozen visitors to the major seminary and about 35 visitors to the minor seminary!! Because of this, the minors basically doubled in number! They were sooooooooooo noisy!!! Also, because I happened to be on supper dishes that particular week, I happened to wash close to 150 (approximately) dishes, bowls, spoons, teaspoons, forks, knives, dessert bowls, mugs and other stuff… Hehehehehe we almost ended up being late for vigils.. I had fun though doing it as our huge dishwasher is very efficient in what it does and is lots of fun to use! It’s a little gross though cleaning all those messy plates… Among the visitors to the live-in, I ran into one of my friends from out there, Ed, who updated me on everything that was going on in his life and what he knew of other peoples…


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