Thoughts from a young theologian

Feasts galore!!!

A seminarian’s life, as difficult as it can be sometimes, does have its fun times. It’s not all seriousness and prayer at the abbey, because as much as we take both our academics and prayer life seriously, we also take time to enjoy ourselves. This was really evident this week during our first seminarian party. It being on Halloween night, we decided to have a dress up as your favorite saint or biblical character night. All hallows eve after all, or Halloween, as it’s known today first started out at the night before all saints day the next day.

Being limited to biblical or saintly characters does pose challenges to creativity when thinking up a costume. It being my first party, I decided to try and put a little bit of effort into my first costume. I used to always love dressing up for Halloween in the Philippines anyway so why not here? I came as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I pinned strips of green paper with dead leaves stapled all over it onto a green shirt. I also found a toy snake and an orange (Genesis never said it was an apple) to complete the outfit. I thought it was a pretty unique idea until one of the other seminarians came in as the burning bush… Sigh… Tough luck!

The food that evening was extra special as well. We grilled burgers and had potato salad on the side too. For dessert, we ate cookies and ice cream. Generally though, because All Saints Day is such an important feast, we had some pretty stellar meals… During lunch the following day, the monks had slaughtered the fattened cow and we had steak. Its so funny having a farm on your backyard. Hehehheheheh

Anyway, enough about food and back to the party. We ended up watching two movies as well that evening: Karate Kid (the original version) and The Blind Side.

In addition, what’s a party without games? Some of the seminarians created a large paper-mâché built iPhone piñata filled with chocolates. We then took turns trying to smash it open blindfolded. The thing was sooooooooooo tough to break into!!! We also carved pumpkins and just enjoyed each others company. We ended up so late though (past midnight) and we needed to be up again by 6 the next day. If you look at one of these pictures, you’ll notice my burning bush rival!! Imagine that, one party with just 25 guys and there’s two trees… Ugh

It wasn’t too bad though… It being All Saints Day, we had no classes. I was able to take it easy most of the day and get a little bit of the rest I felt I needed after a pretty busy week. Today, on the other hand was a more solemn feast. It being All Souls Day, we had mass in the evening, I guess symbolizing the close of the day. During these past couple days too, I noticed that the monks had special kinds of habits on that made them look more like the wizards of Hogwarts than usual. During the mass, the priests wore black stoles that looked really cool. At the end of the mass too, we all had a solemn procession towards the cemetery on the grounds to visit the monks who had already passed away and pray for them. The whole community of monks, major and minor seminarians were there around the graves, and we were joined by a few people who came to assist in the mass as well. All this as the sun slowly came down to mark the end of the day. And with that, I end my little post on the past couple of days here. God bless!!


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