Thoughts from a young theologian

Living in Community

Life here in the seminary has picked up quite a bit… I can’t believe how precious time is!! I’m way way more efficient than I ever was in 6 years of university but at the same time, I always feel like I’m behind and trying to catch up. And apparently, it’ll get even harder as I go up… This week for us, I had a paper due, I have a midterm coming up next week and another paper the following week. That’s not as bad as a typical university workload but the problem comes in balancing all the time and trying to allocate time to specific tasks. That plus balancing my prayer and community life is a huge challenge.

Speaking of living in community, I’ve been finding how difficult it can be lately… Putting 25 guys in the same residence, all really passionate about what they do and what they want to become but at the same time, all having each, their own unique personalities is crazy.. This week has been a bit of a struggle for me to get past certain tendencies of people… One thing that I’ve been slowly realizing is that unless something is labelled really really well, it’s basically communal… That’s how my laundry detergent and sometimes, my chant books ended up missing… In addition, just coping with the different personalities is difficult too… Some guys have just come off high school, some guys are quite a bit older… we’ve got really loud and crazy guys, shy quiet guys!! It’s really interesting trying to get along with everyone here… That’s the fun but also challenging part of community… It’s definitely not easy…

Two days ago, we’ve had a sister come over from Pauline Media in Toronto… she came to sell all kinds of books, CDs and DVDs… First time I’ve been shopping in the seminary… heheehhe… Also this week, I’ve started my catechism classes… I’m helping out in a First Nations reserve called Chihalis… It’s a place about 45 minutes away from Mission… in the direction away from Vancouver… That means it’s in the middle of nowhere… I met a few of the kids though and they are pretty cool… I’ll post up more on these later! God bless!!!


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