Thoughts from a young theologian

You’re out!!!

I love Fridays!!! It means we’ve got fish for lunch and dinner, chant class and sports in the afternoon, and there’s the weekend to look forward to after all the work of the week. I especially enjoyed this Friday as it marks the end of an especially crazy week for me. I’ve had a big paper due today for my philosophy of science class, which is all about Aristotle’s 3 degrees of abstraction (how we attain knowledge). Because of that, I’ve been working non stop on it and have fallen a bit behind on my other courses.

In addition, I’ve been helping out quite a bit in the community. A couple of days ago, a few of us helped Father Peter seal the hockey courts with tar. It was quite a hefty task and we were on a race against time because we started later on in the afternoon and so needed to get it done before the sun set and before vespers in the evening. We made it before sundown but we unfortunately missed vespers. My hands were so black and smelly too afterwards and I needed to wash the tar off with gasoline and a special kind of soap. But it was all worth it in the end as our hockey court is looking brand new!!

Today also, we all tried our luck playing a little baseball, as the weather was so gorgeous outside. I was the 3rd baseman. It was my first time actually playing the game but I kinda know some of the rules. I went to see a game by the Seattle Mariners in the past and I had also worked just a little bit at Nat Bailey stadium, our local baseball stadium here. It was a ton of fun. I had a difficult time hitting the ball at first but I eventually ended up with two hits. It got a tiny little bit iffy though as one of us almost hit a guy on a motorcycle as he was passing by but no harm done.

That’s it for today!! God bless!!!


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