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St. John Bosco relics and Back to Work!!!

Sorry for the little hiatus that happened back there. This past weekend has been a little different in that I got to go home… Once every month, we get a home weekend where we all get to go home and spend time with family and friends. This particular weekend coincided with Thanksgiving so I went home to turkey and tons of food.

There were a couple of interesting stuff that happened while I was at home though.. First of all, I graduated from university. I had my convocation ceremony on Friday so I had to leave earlier than the rest of the seminarians in order to receive my diploma… It was a pretty awesome event and it was so much fun to see some old professors and friends again. After having spent 6 years at that university, it was soooooo surreal to be back there… It was also tons of fun letting people know what I’d been up to since leaving. After the ceremony, I had a little party the next day at my house. I loved catching up with so many different people… It’s always a great thing to come home…







The other interesting thing that happened over the weekend was I went with another seminarian friend to go and see the relic of St. John Bosco, who happened to be passing through the city of Vancouver over that weekend as well. This experience was quite a different one from when I saw St. Jean Vianney recently. The Salesian parish he was situated in is a very diverse and vibrant parish with hundreds of visitors coming to see him… so although I wasn’t really able to pray quietly before St. John Bosco, I was still very happy to see him. While there, I was able to attend mass as well celebrated by Archbishop Miller who spoke of the tradition of venerating relics in the church and of the testimony that St. John Bosco had given by the way he lived his life to the Church and to the world. He had spent most of his days working with the impoverished and I believe, orphan boys of Turin, Italy during the mid 1800s. He then founded the Salesian community, which he named after one of his favourite saints, St. Francis de Sales, which continues to be a growing and energetic community today.

After saying hello to St. John Bosco, I met up with some of the other Vancouver seminarians for lunch near downtown Vancouver with the new vocation director, Fr. Joseph. We all talked about our experiences so far in the seminary and they shared with me some of the practical jokes they had played on each other while at Mission. After some of the seminarians showed me pictures of them years previous and bugged me a little bit, I resolved to definitely put myself on a little diet and to continue exercising… c”,)

Today, I’m back here in Mission… I’ve got a TON of work to do with a philosophy of science paper coming up at the end of this week and a history of philosophy midterm to study for for next week… I’ll post more regularly now!! c”,) God bless!!!


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