Thoughts from a young theologian

Peace and serenity

What peace!! My favorite time of the day here in the seminary always comes just after vigils every night… šŸ™‚ The vigils, which is the Benedictine equivalent of the Office of Readings I the last of the prayers of the day. Unless you’ve slept over at the abbey, it’s unlikely you’ve been to vigils as it comes fairly later on in the evening… at about 7:15 pm… While it is in some ways very similar to our midday prayer in that it is monotonous… i.e. chanted in one tone only.. it is a lot longer than midday prayer. After listening to a reading from a spiritual writer and chanting through about 4 psalms, we sing together one of the most beautiful renditions of the Salve Regina I know. Here’s a link of how it sounds on YouTube…

Ours sounds really nice because it’s the end of the day, it’s very calming and soothing to sing and hear it sung. Then, after that song, we all get blessed by Father Abbot with holy water (yes… Every night I get a blessing before bed here) then leave the abbey church into the dark, cool, quiet night. The feeling is blissful… Come someday!

Just a short update for you today… We had a lot of people visiting for a talk given by Father Abbot on lay ministry. I’ll try and summarize that over the next week… God bless!!


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