Thoughts from a young theologian

How can you tell I’m in a Canadian seminary

When the biggest sport we play here is hockey.. Just as the Canucks season is just about to begin (and I’ll try to follow it as much while at the same time, balancing all the prayer, academics and everything else), the SHL is well underway. The seminarian hockey league (SHL) is the intense little street hockey league we have here in the Seminary of Christ the King. We have 3 teams this year in the league and so far, this week, my team has already played and lost our first two games. Although I’ve been a HUGE fan of the Canucks for a number of years now, I’ve never actually played hockey. Part of the reason why is because I’m not that great of a skater but that doesn’t really matter here because we do get around the court by running!!!

Despite that, there’s still a pretty steep learning curve with hockey! I may be able to watch hockey well on TV (Hehehehhe) and play it well in video games but playing hockey in real life is quite another story!! So far, I’ve already gotten a couple of bruises from blocking the puck and from sticks flying everywhere!! Officially, I haven’t gotten any points yet but during some of our pickup games, I was able to score once and assist once. I’ve still got a super long way to go though!!!

Learner’s corner

So last time, I was talking about spirit (my first lesson in Religion 100) and the fact that it is immaterial and produces the thoughts we have, that are immaterial too. It’s the spirit that allows us to know and to love. Today, I’ll bug you guys a little bit about the difference of spirit and soul.
Animals and plants have souls too. Souls are the life principle — plants have souls that enable it to grow, assimilate nutrients from their environment but a plant’s soul cannot allow the plant to walk… despite what is said by Tolkien. 🙂 Animals have souls too that are more highly developed. They allow physical locomotion and sense knowledge.. Animals see and recognize society but animal souls don’t allow animals to think abstractly… You don’t have to go much farther than watching a cow (of which we have many here in the seminary, being a Benedictine monastery) as it ruminates and you know that it doesn’t have a thought in the world. In his book “Love in the Ruins” by Walker Percy, the protagonist is driving through the woods and sees at the corner of his eye a bird flying parallel to the car. Being pretty sadistic, he reaches into the glove compartment and gets a revolver out. He cocks it and gets ready to shoot the bird when he realizes that it wasn’t a bird but it was his own reflection in the mirror. When he gets home, he sees his tomcat basking in the sun. He looks at that cat and say “Look at that cat!! That cat is complete!! It lacks nothing!!! It’s just a fat cat laying in the sun with no anxiety at all” Father Peter says that that is one of the contemporary problems of human life… how can one ever become a fat cat laying in the sun!!
As human beings, ours is the only soul that is a spirit — it was created in the image of God and is what gives us reason and our ability to reflect on ourselves. We have anguish, we want the truth, we are always looking for something and are always unsatisfied with what we find… That’s something to think about a bit! 😀

God Bless!!!


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