Thoughts from a young theologian

I’m a waiter!!!

Every week, we’re given different daily tasks, in addition to the weekly tasks we perform. My weekly task, which I do every Saturday morning with 2 other guys is to clean up our dining hall and the hallways around it. The weekly task lasts for pretty much the whole semester I think. The daily tasks change at the beginning of each week… They include serving at mass, reading at table, setting the tables, washing the dishes, etc… The past couple of weeks I’ve been here, I haven’t yet been assigned any daily task to perform (probably because I’m still the newbie 😛 here). This week though, I was assigned to be one of the waiters. Let me explain this.

Here in the monastery, during lunch and suppertime, we have waiters. They are those who will not be eating with the rest of the group but who are rather serving their fellow seminarians. We pass the tea around from table to table (yes… we have tea!! And we put our tea in cute little teacups too :P), we serve the food, we clean up after the others. We eat our meals after everyone else has finished. The purpose is to teach us the value of service… just as Jesus washed the feet of His disciples before the Last Supper, so we’re supposed to be serving our brothers too… 🙂

Of all the daily tasks, this one is probably one of the more difficult ones in that it takes the most time out of one’s weekly schedule and for anyone who’s ever lived in the seminary for some time, they can attest to this: Time is gold here! I’ve been absolutely loving it though!! I’ve never actually waitered before… the most work I’ve had in the food industry is act as a cashier for the baseball stadium (Nat Bailey) here in Vancouver. Now, I’m all dressed up in my white dress shirt, apron and tie and am having lots of fun bugging people about eating their vegetables and not mooching on the desert… 🙂 It’s been a blast so far… Let’s see if I’m still saying the same thing at the end of the week. Next post: Some philosophy (or maybe some religion… we’ll see) God bless!!!


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