Thoughts from a young theologian

Memory castles

So today was a much much better day for me! I’ve gotten the go ahead to keep this blog up and running, and for the first time, I made it through both mass and vespers without needing to glance over at my neighbor’s hymn book. It’s actually a little bit difficult to keep up with all the different parts of the mass and the different hymns here in the Benedictine monastery! I was very proud of myself!! 🙂

So going to the main event, I promised you I would tell you about Father Peter’s fantastic lesson on memory castles so here goes!! Apparently, it’s a learning strategy that has been used by the church for centuries. Father told us this one story of this priest who was renowned for his memory and used memory castles a lot. He lived in China and was invited by the emperor for a meeting. The emperor wanted to see for himself the memory talents of this priest and so asked the priest to demonstrate it for him. The priest asked everyone who was at the banquet to write down on a piece of paper one Chinese character and stack them up before the emperor. He took a few minutes to look through them and handed them to the emperor saying that the emperor could pick from any of the papers on the stack and this priest could read all of the following characters IN ORDER, FORWARDS OR BACKWARDS!!

Unfortunately, it’s actually getting late and I’d like to be up for lauds tomorrow so I’ll continue this post tomorrow… Together, we’ll build the memory castle built for us by Father Peter to help us memorize all the 7 deadly sins. Sorry about that!! :p

Patience is a virtue!! Good night and God bless!!


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