Thoughts from a young theologian

Goodbye world

It’s been quite the day today. I spent most of it up at my old university, Simon Fraser University saying goodbye. It’s days like these that make me a little bit impatient for heaven. I can’t wait to get to that place of no more sadness, no more tears, and best of all, no more goodbyes. It’s never been easy for me to say goodbye to people, especially people I’ve worked with and known for a number of years.

Discernment of a vocation is such a funny thing isn’t it. Just speaking with a number of different people, finding God’s will varies for each of them. People say that you get to a point where you just know that this is definitely where you should be but honestly, I don’t know yet how I’m feeling about my entering the seminary. A few people I’ve talked to are surprised about my uncertainty even now in entering in. I think though that there will always be a sense of both loss and gain when choosing between, at least in my case, the priesthood and marriage. Both are extremely good things and so choosing one over the other is supposed to be very difficult because of what each of them costs. Either way, sacrifices have to be made And besides, entering the seminary doesn’t mean that I’m 100% going to become a priest. That’s up to God. Im just keeping myself open to it and committing myself to that particular way of life 100% to see if that’s where I’m called to be.

Anyway, I’m excited about the brand new chapter in my life tomorrow. Even though I am not yet really at peace, unless perhaps I dig really deep into myself, past all the fluttering butterflies and jitters I’ve got floating inside me, i have a feeling that Christ the King seminary is EXACTLY where God wants me to be at this time. I just hope I do not cause too much trouble there.

In other news, as of this writing, I have just finished packing all the stuff I want to bring along, like books, a printer, etc…. basically all the kinds of stuff found in a typical college dorm. My room looks like its been hit by a tornado and I haven’t been able to pack my clothes yet but I’ll hopefully have that done by tomorrow. Oh and my pet fish is looking at me all weird and funny. I still have to decide whether I should bring Joe (my fish) along or not. šŸ™‚ I think he’d enjoy the change in scenery!

Also today, I tried to have just a tiny little bit of fun with my new status as a seminarian and the little bit of “power” (yeah right) that’s associated with that. I have a bit of an obsession to try and tackle down a good friend of mine to the ground, who just happens to be a part of the Canadian Forces. Why? Just to be able to say I was able to bring down an army man. It’s never happened, probably partly due to the fact that he’s a bizillion times bigger than me and even more than that times more fit than I am. I figured today though that I’d use my seminarian status as leverage to even the playing field. I mean, who takes down a seminarian right? :p The problem is technically, I’m not a seminarian yet until tomorrow sooooo guess who won that little battle… Sigh… Again, I hope I don’t cause too much trouble in Mission. c”,)

Next stop, Christ the King seminary!!! Cheers and God bless!


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