Thoughts from a young theologian

T-minus- 3 days and counting

I don’t know how long this little project of mine will last, as I do not know if I’ll be able to continue this while in the seminary but I figure, I’ll enjoy this as long as I have it.

So I can hardly believe it… 3 days from now, I’ll be starting my first day in the seminary… It’s been a very long process of discernment and deliberations (more on this later :-)) but I’ve finally reached the end of my journey (so far). This last week, I’ve spent visiting my grandmother and aunt out in Los Angeles.

I’ve been preparing just a little bit materially by heading out to the outlet stores over this labor day weekend to look for slacks and dress shirts for school. I still can’t believe I won’t be using jeans and shirts there… Heehheheh that’ll be an adjustment! I’ve always used my shirts to kind of express myself so not being able to do that will be weird. I thought that I’d make up on that though by using crazy little snoopy neck ties. Hahahahhaha I guess we’ll see how far that’ll go.

I’ve also been out to visit the Norbertines at St. Michael’s abbey in Silverado, CA. It was quite the drive but well worth it. While there, I met Fr. Ambrose, their vocation director and Ritchie, a good friend of mine from Vancouver, who just recently joined them. Ritchie reminded me of how just about a year ago, during the vocation retreat put on by the archdiocese, he had said that he was on the red light in terms of thinking about the priesthood, while I said I was still stuck on yellow. How quickly things change!!

Apart from that, I’ve been playing (and winning :-)) a lot of mahjong with my aunt and grandma. I leave LA tomorrow and fly back to Vancouver. That’s all that has been happening so far on my end.

I thought that to end this historic first ever post, I would attach a picture that I took during a BBQ a couple of weeks ago with the archbishop and the other seminarians for the archdiocese. These were the only clouds in the sky… Coincidence? A sign? Hmmm we’ll see in the weeks and years to come… Cheers and God bless!!!


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